About us

Who We Are

YaYa Payment Instrument Issuer S.Co is a Payment Instrument Issuer focusing on providing payment solutions through mobile wallet software systems. YaYa Payment Instrument Issuer S.Co is yet to be established in compliance with Licensing and Authorization of Payment Instrument Issuers Directive No. ONPS/01l2020 issued by National Bank of Ethiopia.

We develop and maintain technological solutions that centers on an iOS and Android smartphone applications to perform the following operations.

  • provide cash-in and cash-out;
  • local money transfers including domestic remittances, load to card or bank account, transfer to card or bank account;
  • domestic payments including purchase from physical merchants, bill payments;
  • over-the-counter transactions;
  • and inward international remittance services.

Our Vision

YaYa Payment Instrument Issuer S.Co’s vision is to become the main player in the digital payment industry providing smart mobile wallet solutions that are innovative, secure and user friendly.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a payment solution by designing, developing and maintaining digital wallet platforms based on five main principles: simplicity, security, privacy, accuracy, and scalability.