The YaYa Wallet App

Send and receive instant payments, start and manage fundraisers and equbs, buy airtime and more — all on the go

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The safest, quickest, and modern solution to make and receive payments.
  • For individuals, no need to carrying cash - payments are a phone click away

    Avoid the risk of carrying cash. With cash there is chance of theft, fiddling for change, no tracking of what you spent and where, no access to remote payment, run out of cash, etc.

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  • For businesses, give your clients the pleasure of making seamless payments

    Your customers deserve the best of everything - let's help you in achieving that. Create a YaYa Wallet business account now and your customers will be able to make payments whichever way they please. We offer your customers, with bank account or without, different payment methods from a unified wallet.

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  • For agents, earn money by assisting our users recharge/withdraw cash

    Agents are partner companies that provide our services to customers, such as accepting/giving cash and exchanging it for electronic balance, cash-out over-the-counter transactions, remittance services, and support services. Join our network of agents and get extra revenue from commission payments.

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  • Identity Authentication

    A fast, robust way to verify customers and reduce fraud using instant identity verification powered by digital signals.
  • Instant payments

    Makes it easy for you and your customers do payments and refunds by building a future-facing payment solutions in a new, secure and innovative way.
  • Reach more credit consumers

    Give customers faster access to credit based on creditworthiness and risk profile instantly built from our KYC process and digital data.
  • Fight fraud, cut costs

    Our technology based on comprehensive digital information can fight fraud and assess customer creditworthiness and risk.